ALL are under the law!

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A Duty To Report:

How is this unreasonable? Shouldn't police have the integrity and desire that 'bad cops' are not wearing a badge? Notice that it's for ALL government employees - police shouldn't be singled out. If you see something illegal or unconstitutional - report it! The "Blue Line" is far too often just code for ignoring or even covering up the bad behavior of a cop. Along with bullet point, there's Whistle Blower Protection complete with severe penalties for those who would target these good cops.

  • Frank Serpico went after bad cops on his NYPD beat and was almost murdered by his partner. The 1973 movie, "Serpico" was made about his story of fighting the Blue Line. So according to this ethical and upright cop, have things changed? "Police corruption is endemic. Its been there since the beginning of policing, when police officers had to buy their jobs. What is happening now is also a manifestation of that corruption. Brutality is police corruption. This is a window of opportunity to have some police officers finally see that, hey, we have inherited the sins of our brothers and it behooves us now to do something about it. Im in touch with police all over the country and the world. Until now all my communications have been about whistleblowers and corruption and how the whistleblower almost always becomes the victim. The problem is that in most cases the agencies they go to in order to tell them about wrongdoing inside or outside the department respond along the lines of: If we did this [prosecuted police officers], we would undermine the stability of society. Or they say, We cant afford a scandal. It would undermine public confidence in our police. But what were seeing now is that it already has been undermined." Read the rest of his comments about George Floyd and more by clicking [here]
  • Baltimore City cops were planting guns and drugs on people! When one of the 'Blue Line' was going to testify against fellow officers? He was murdered with his partner nearby! The killer used the cop's own gun to send a message! His killer has never been found! Click [here] to read more.
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    ALL are under the law!

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